The Latin root, redimere, means “to get back” or “to buy back.” Although redemption comes from a religious context and is very important to me, redemption has a strong hold in our daily lives. Whether that is redeeming relationships, your business, a career, or your health. There is strength in redemption. Redemption means to turn back on what has been holding you back and return back to a life in line with freedom. The synonym I like most for redemption is reclamation. It’s never too late to reclaim your life and make it what you want it to be. 

If I am honest, I was conflicted over the name. My whole life I have kept my business separate from my faith; however, if I am being authentic, they can’t be separated. I am in no way saying that faith needs to be at the center of your life to reclaim or redeem your health. However, it is part of my journey, so I will be authentic and make it part of my story. 

After plenty of research, and encouragement to start a business and blog, I wanted to address the core values of Redemptive Nutrition:

  • Healing
    • Healing your relationship with food comes with a lot of effort, but I truly believe food should be satisfying and joyful
  • Connecting
    • Redemptive Nutrition is a guide to help you reconnect with your body. I utilize intuitive eating principles to help guide this connection.
  • Nourishing
    • Nourish is a wonderful word. Food is essential to nourish your body, and luckily I am an expert; but, there are many more ways to nourish it. Health is multidimensional, so I will have a holistic approach to care and look into other areas of your life that impact how you nourish your body. This will lead to more sustaining habits. 
  • Reclaiming
    • Reclaim what is already yours: your body, mind, and spirit. Healing your relationship with food opens up space to celebrate and live in freedom. Reclaiming what is already yours allows you to embrace the beauty of life. 
  • Inclusive
    • A welcoming and inclusive environment is one that allows for the most growth and healing to occur. I am a Christian, but my help does not exclude those who aren’t. Everyone is worthy and deserving of an environment that allows healing and growth. 
  • Authentic
    • I want to be as transparent and honest as I can throughout my services and blog. I will be authentic with my journey and values to give you the best experience and allow you to form a better understanding of who I am. After all, if you are searching for a partnership, you need to know who I am.  
  • Honest
    • I will only share information that is accurate and honest, and within the bounds of the Code of Ethics that Registered Dietitians must follow. The advice I give will be supported through research. The techniques and principles I use, including HAES, Intuitive Eating, and Motivational Interviewing are also within these bounds
  • Supportive
    • I am here to support and listen to your concerns without jumping to conclusions. By listening, I am better equipped to tailor my knowledge into useful information that will help you reach your goals. I am here to help clarify any intentions you have or haven’t set for yourself, and then provide you with the tools you need to get to your target. 

Overall, my practice will be first and foremost tailored to YOU and the goals that YOU want to achieve. I am here to support and encourage you along your own health journey. My food philosophy focuses on what we can add to your diet and lifestyle to improve all health outcomes including: blood pressure, lipids, blood glucose, risk of metabolic syndrome, hormone balance, and appetite regulation. Health is multidimensional, so my holistic practice will focus on how your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being influences your health. Current lifestyle changes I will implement will follow the HAES model, which includes mindful eating, positive relationship with body and food, stress management, healthy exercise, and a non-dieting approach to life. Every intervention used will be evidence-based and sustainable to help you achieve your goals.